Welcome to SISO!!!
Tuesday, 12 August 2008 10:00
Founded in 2009, our organization aims to connect University Students and Young Professionals in Shanghai and give them a richer experience of living in the heart of Asia. 

We are based around the main campus of Fudan University, a Globally Recognized and outstanding academic institution.

We distinguish our goals by giving YOU great choices on how to spend your free time while being abroad. We do this by organizing events/ activities which are appealing to University Students from all over the world.

For example:

Parties – Where all your friends show up and which you WILL remember!

Sports - to get a little bit sober again from all the drinking and exercise your bodies

Special Events – once in a lifetime events, once every semester! – Stay tuned!

Culture – Theatre ,Drama, Opera, Musicals, Cultural Days

Exhibitions – Shanghai is the Expo-capital of Asia! Let`s go and see some of the latest stuff of every industry

Networking - You can NEVER have enough Guan Xi!

Restaurant recommendations – Just got munchies or are your parents over and it has to be TOP ? We give opinion / help you chose

Student Integration Services (SIS) - so that you are not lost when you arrive and can kick-start your life in Shanghai

We also cooperate with basically every other youth/student organization which is interested in cooperating with us. We see this cooperation as a mutual beneficial exchange between us and other parties. We will let our members know if one of our partner organizations has an interesting activity, so that our members can also take part in them!

To wrap it up, we want to give you a breath-taking experience while studying in Shanghai!