Masquerade River Cruise
Sunday, 18 April 2010 08:54


Tired of the usual stuff? Tired of partying at the normal venues? Tired of the same sort

of view? We at SISO thought so. So we went down to the Huang Pu River harbor

and told the CAPTAIN:

”Give us the biggest boat and the best view of Shanghai! We're gonna rip it up!”

Said and done!

So for the THIRD TIME, the SISO CREW invites you to join us on the Huang Pu

River and be mindblown by the legendary Shanghai skyline, which is in

the news all over the world!! For the night only, you'll see the


Get a kick-start to the most exiting months of Shanghai in years on

THE front row seat!

In honour of this day we are giving away a free masks to add mystique

to the night! This is a night to remember so suit up!

We will also offer you free beer, soft drinks and juice on board, apart

from that you can bring your own boose if beers not enough for ya´!

Our Gueest DJ of the night ”Chinese Romeo” will mix it up as we sail along the

dazling skyline!

For more information dont hesitate to call one of the Following SISO TEAM MEMBERS:

Zoli(HongKou area):+8613918983497

And all this for just 150 rmb, if you get the ticket PRESALE!!!!

Shi Liu Pu Lv You Zhong Xin, Zhong Shan

Nan Lu 171 (十六铺旅游中心,中山南路171号)

But what to do after that?

We will continue this night of outstanding fun to Shanghai's

Number One location to go out these days:

Address:23rd floor No. 211 Shi Men Yi lu,

Want Want Building

We take YOU with shuttle buses, so you cannot miss the location

( for just 10 rmb / person).

Get your tickets quick, while they're still hot!

Peace out,